Individual Development

We have dreams. Dream to be the most successful employee in the organisation. Dream to be the greatest speaker. Dream to be financially most stable. Dream to be integral part of important groups. Dream to be the mover and shaker in the space we operate in. Dream to be the most sought for person across the spectrum. The feeling of reaching a reaching the state of self actualization.

However, the reality is that there is a bridge we need to cover from our current state to the self actualization state. Covering the bridge will require building new skills, new perspective and new energy. There will be a need to work on one’s

Linguistics/Self Awareness


Communication plays a significant roles in defining success for an individual. The ability to clearly articulate one’s thoughts, the ability to present one’s story and the ability to inspire confidence on others are essential ingredients for success. As our chief operating officer used to say that for a person to be successful 80% depends on his ability to present his case to others and rest depends on others. The is a massive element of truth in it. Great communication skills will lead to great buy ins and faith in others. Once the buy ins and the faith becomes integral, success will naturally follow. Our interventions includes
a. Presentation skills
b. Skilful communication

Self Awareness

Self awareness is about being aware of self and developing an understanding of what makes us unique. Factors like the experiences in life and the thoughts we have and the emotions we display. In a way self awareness not only helps us notice about ourselves but also how we notice and monitor our inner world
According to Daniel Goleman, Self awareness is key cornerstone to emotional intelligence. There has been significant research which shows that self awareness as a crucial trait of successful business leaders. The interventions includes
a. The awareness of the emotional states
b. Awareness of our thoughts

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