Team Learning

We work as teams. We perform in teams. We grow in teams. Our individual performance is more or less dependent on the teams. In a way teams are critical to organizational performance. However, team dynamics play a role in team performance. Teams are formed by individuals and individuals have their own thoughts and feelings which gives them their unique identity. The team members can work at crossroads impacting the performance. What becomes important is what did the team do? Team managers are critical to team performance. According to Royal Dutch Group Planning coordinator Arie de Gues “The only relevant learning in a company is the learning done by these people who have power to take action.”

Key interventions includes

  • Team Alignment
  • Team Communication

Team Communication

Team communication is a mode that binds the team together for greater performance. Team communications help explore each other’s perspective. Team communication helps explore each other what team individuals are concluding.

Team Alignment

Team alignment means “functioning as a whole”. Building alignment is about enhancing a team’s capacity to think and act in new Synergistics ways, with full coordination and a sense on unity, because team members know each others hearts and minds. As alignment develops, people don’t have to overlook or hide their disagreements; indeed they develop the capacity to use their disagreements to make their collective understanding richer”. The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge

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